CV Writing


Your CV is designed for one main purpose, to get you a job interview. Employers on average spend less than 10 seconds scanning your CV. Ensure that you sell yourself to the best of your ability.
We have put together some simple headings to use in your CV layout to assist you.
Choose a layout which is clear & concise.

Personal Statement

Keep it to about 50 words, highlight relevant experience, key attributes and goals and for contact details please include your name, address, telephone (mobile) number and email.

Work Experience

  • List your most recent position first and focus on the outcome of your work.
  • Include role, organisation, dates, main responsibilities and achievements.
  • Provide specific details on your personal role rather than the team.
  • Include factual information where possible on size of project, any values etc.
  • Include all roles over the last 10 years particularly if you have been at an organisation for a long time.


  • IT packages you’ve used, foreign languages etc.
  • Education & Professional Qualifications.
  • List your most recent studies first.

Hobbies and Interests

Give the interviewer an insight into your personality.


List two potential referees. Ensure they are aware that you have given their details to potential employers and recruiters.

General Tips

Steer clear of long paragraphs, bullet points are easier to read. Make the effort to tailor your CV to highlight relevant experience for the role you’re applying for will increase your chances of securing an interview, as there will be numerous candidates applying for the same job as you.

As well as looking at your skills, potential employers are looking for solutions. So don’t just explain what you’ve done, stand out by letting the employer know how can you make a positive impact, highlighting notable achievements in previous roles.

Please ensure that you check your CV to eradicate and simple errors with spelling and grammar. Here at Blue Yeti we specialise in recruiting into various sectors, for further assistance on creating your CV please call our offices and speak with one of our experienced professionals.


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